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August 15, 2005 06:00 AM

Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth gives the latest scoop on another week of living The Surreal Life on VH1:

Each morning one Surreal Life-r is selected by a producer to retrieve the Surreal Life Times, our daily newsletter. The newsletter contains the details of a day’s events and recaps something funny that may have happened the day before.

When Carey retrieved the SLT, it said that we would be going to Vegas for a couple of days. We were SOOOO excited to get out of the Surreal Life house!! We were given about an hour to pack in preparation for our road trip.

During our five hour trip we ALL discussed our individual careers. Caprice talked about moving to the U.K. and breaking into the modeling business, Janice talked about her supermodel days, Bronson talked about how he landed the role of Balki on Perfect Strangers, and Pepa talked about the heyday of Salt-n-Pepa.

Of course, the producers only show clips of me talking about my post-Apprentice drama as if I talked the entire five hours of the trip. Although I can be quite talkative, the producer zeroed in on a moment that makes me seem like a braggadocio. It was kinda funny!

When we got to Vegas, the bus zipped right past the Vegas strip and we ended up at a remote baseball field. We were so excited to learn that Jose would lead our team in a game of softball. Jose was instructed to assess our softball skills and assign us each a position. We sucked as a softball team! Jose did the best he could with what talent we had.

We played the Dead Ringers, a group of Las Vegas impersonators that included Elvis, Tina Turner, Dolly Parton, Janet and Michael Jackson and a look-alike Jose Canseco. The fake Jose Canseco turned out to be Jose’s identical twin Ossie. We were all shocked and pleased to have twice the Canseco eye candy!!

We were also shocked to win the game, and to celebrate we headed to the Palms Hotel and Casino, where we got ready in the Real World suite for our night on the town. It was so fabulous we felt like we had died and gone to reality TV heaven! Although you don’t see any of this in the episode, we were all treated to massages by our choice of a male or female masseuse. In the casino we won five grand, which we split equally and played at the blackjack table. We blew through our winnings in no time and headed to the Ghostbar to party.

In the bar’s VIP area, we were given all of the booze that our hearts desired. Unfortunately for Janice she is not able to handle her liquor. After a few drinks she got very, very, very friendly with each of the men on the show. First, she unleashed on Carey by humping his leg, then she crawled over to Jose on all fours. Later she climbed on Bronson’s lap and offered to give him a lap dance – and he rejected her. Everyone was repulsed by her behavior. She was so drunk that she was oblivious to the spectacle she was making of herself.

In spite of Janice’s embarrassing drunken display, we all had an exciting night out on the town. We were informed that we had to get up early the next morning so we all turned in at around 3 a.m. All of us except for Janice, who stayed out drinking and partying all night long. At 50 years old she outlasted each of us!

Next week: Our Vegas adventure continues… August 15, 2005
We were informed that we had the morning to do whatever we pleased. Janice used the extra time to have seven additional layers of makeup plastered on by her makeup artists. Bronson, Carey, Pepa and I slept in late. Meanwhile, Jose and Caprice decided to spend private time together tanning poolside. We were all in agreement that there was a strong connection between Caprice and Jose. Caprice was definitely playing hard to get and it was driving Jose crazy!!

Then we found out what our next mission was: we would be traveling to the desert to learn motocross racing from motocross madman Carey Hart! All of the Surreal Life-rs were quite excited about this new adventure – that is everyone but Janice “I Can’t Do It” Dickinson. The guys tried to encourage her to have an open mind about it and at the very least try to be supportive of Carey. Instead, Janice called her agent to see how she could punk out of yet another group activity.

When we arrived at the motocross course, Carey was nowhere to be found. We heard a loud roaring coming directly at us. And then Carey pulls a 100-ft. jump right over our heads. It was AWESOME!! Jose told me that the thought of riding motorcycles terrified him. But in spite of his fear, he was still up for the challenge.

Carey introduced our instructors and then we were fitted with protective gear, uniforms and helmets. The instructors were incredible! They had us circling the beginner’s course in no time. But Carey had to babysit Janice because she was throwing one of her supermodel tempter tantrums.

After a long ride home, we returned to the mansion and showered and changed in order to prepare for our “slumber party.” The invited guests were Spinderella from Pepa’s group Salt-n-Papa; Jose’s dog Zeus, who was invited to visit our three-legged pup Lucky; Carey’s buddy from Vegas; and Caprice’s friend, who brought lingerie. Janice invited a strange little man and the two of them got boozed up and made fun of the other guests all night.

Caprice asked me, Jose and Carey to model her lingerie for an impromptu fashion show. Jose and Carey bravely modeled the women’s undies, thongs and bras during the show. Even Jose’s dog Zeus sported a matching pink lacy bra and panty ensemble.

Meanwhile, a little of what I like to call “TV magic” was at work again: None of our guests actually slept over at the Surreal Life house that night. In fact, they visited for less than two hours.

Next week: We hit the road and head to VEGAS!! August 1, 2005
Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth quickly learned that living with six celebrities – including former supermodel Janice Dickinson and notorious baseball star Jose Canseco – on The Surreal Life 5 would have its weird and wacky moments. That s why we asked the 31-year-old Apprentice bad girl, who splits her time between Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles, to share her experiences with readers in an online diary, updated every week.

Here are her thoughts on this week’s episode:

After a wild night in which we put on a naughty burlesque show and stayed up until the wee hours of the night talking, we were all pooped. The producers woke us up around 6:30 a.m. and informed us that we needed to get an early start.

We were all shocked that Jose was still wearing his white knee-high stockings from the burlesque show. In spite of the taunting that we gave him, he still refused to take them off. He even tried to convince the other guys in the house to try them out!

At this point the sleeping arrangements had changed: Jose was sleeping on the couch because he was too large for the twin beds, and I was sleeping in Jose’s bedroom with Pepa, Caprice and Carey, because Janice was insane. Bronson was sleeping in his own king-sized bed! We were all sharing one bathroom, instead of two, because Janice selfishly set up her makeup team – or magicians, as we nicknamed them – in our bathroom.

When we gathered in the dining room to learn what our task would be for the day, we were informed that we would be doing a major playground renovation for a battered women’s shelter. I was named crew supervisor, which was a shock to me because I knew very little about landscaping. En route to the Jenesse Center in South Central, Janice pulled down her pants and mooned onlookers for a full block. Sooo vulgar!!

During the ride to the shelter I assessed the members of the house to see who could be best utilized in a specific area. Jose was recovering from neck and back surgery, so his lifting was limited. Bronson has a back injury and his movements were limited. Carey has broken more than 50 bones in his body, so I was not certain what he could do. Janice is a geriatric supermodel, so I knew that she was psychologically limited. That left me, Caprice and Pepa to bear the brunt of the work.

As crew leader I was responsible for making sure that each of the items on the list got completed in a timely manner. There was only one problem with this: I was managing CELEBRITIES!!

Midway through the day, Carey informed us that he worked summers doing landscaping with his father. Why he waited until four hours into the day to tell us that was beyond me. After lunch, Carey took the list and started checking off the things he could do. THEN he started trying to tell me what I was going to do. That’s when the problem started. I did not like his tone or the fact that he could have saved us hours by just speaking up! Don’t name me as crew supervisor and then criticize me for taking charge of a situation!

Once we got over our little tiff, all was well; through the use of what I like to refer to as “TV magic,” about 30 workers from the landscaping company showed up. They started bringing in the supplies and tools that we so desperately needed earlier in the day. They also set up the swing set, put together the gazebo and brought a machine that tilled the back yard in less than 15 minutes! In spite of the “TV magic,” I felt that we made a great contribution to the women of Jenesse Center.

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