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China No Longer Marking Dogs as Livestock Ahead of Controversial Yulin Dog Meat Festival

The Yulin Dog Meat Festival was created in 2010 in an effort to boost flagging dog meat sales, according to Humane Society International 
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Trio of Pregnant Moms Start Non-Profit to Support Restaurants and Feed Frontline Workers

"All three women have husbands that think they are crazy for starting a nonprofit in the midst of a pandemic, while working full time, caring for a toddler, and pregnant," joked the founders, Kathryn Gombos, Kate Griendling, and Brooke Baker Kronschnabel
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White House Deletes Warning About COVID-19 Risk from Singing in Church Despite Evidence

The CDC initially cautioned against resuming choirs after a recent report found that one choir practice led to 53 COVID-19 infections and two deaths
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Texas Lawmaker Tells Students to 'Embrace Hardship' in a 'Real World' Coronavirus Commencement Speech

"Others have been through harder times than this and they got through it and you can too," Rep. Dan Crenshaw told new graduates in his address