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Zoë Saldana: 'We're Prone to Tacky Every Now and Then'

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Jeff Vespa/WireImage

Skin is not in for Zoë Saldana.

The actress, 34 — with positive reinforcement from her stylist, Petra Flannery — prefers to keep things covered on red carpets, though that wasn’t always the case.

“She taught me that you don’t necessarily need to wear less to look sexy,” Saldana told PEOPLE on Wednesday at The Hollywood Reporter and Jimmy Choo’s 25 Most Powerful Stylists luncheon in West Hollywood, where she celebrated Flannery’s No. 2 ranking, as well as their magazine cover together.

“You go through those phases where sometimes you feel super sexy and you want to wear something tight and short. We’re prone to tacky every now and then,” she said. “[Petra] always makes me see it on another end, and you end up feeling so much sexier. We always choose class over anything else.”

But it doesn’t matter what the style is that Saldana wears — she just wants it to be her own.

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“The trend of trying to dress like everybody else is the tackiest and most dishonest thing you can do to yourself,” she said. “You suffer so much because you don’t ever really find your own true voice.”

As for what she loves right now, “I’m into jeans on jeans,” she said. “There’s a Johnny Depp thing to it that I’m digging and I feel really sexy wearing it.”

And on her perpetual must-have list: “Red lipstick will never go out of style,” she said. “There’s no such thing as not pulling it off. My grandma taught me this. Every woman can pull off red lipstick; you just have to find the right shade. Red looks good on all of us. Nature made red for us.”

Tell us: Do you agree with Saldana’s style philosophies?

–Dahvi Shira

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