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Zendaya Says Inspiring Celine Dion's Style Transformation Has Been a ‘Surreal, Awesome Moment’

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Marc Piasecki/GC Images; AKM-GSI

Style inspiration can literally come from anywhere, as Celine Dion has proven to us this summer. Indeed, the 48-year-old singer stepped out with a new, fashion-forward look while in Paris several weeks ago, wearing a range of high-fashion looks, from Lanvin to Dior to Fendi and beyond. And this all started because of a 19-year-old named Zendaya Coleman.

As it turns out, Dion was so inspired by Coleman’s sophisticated red carpet looks that she Googled to find out who was the stylist behind them — and that led her to celebrity stylist Law Roach. When Dion cracked the case, she reached out to him directly. “She sought me out, which is really humbling,” he tells PeopleStyle. “I mean, Celine is an icon.” Together, Roach and Dion crafted a new look that featured floral Giambattista Valli gowns, a selection of Saint Laurent bags and acid green Balenciaga dresses.


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So, what does Coleman think of Dion’s major style compliment? “That was crazy!” she tells PeopleStyle over the phone yesterday while discussing her new shoe line with Roach, Daya by Zendaya. “I think it was a big moment for Law and I. First of all, just to know that she knows my name is crazy. Also, she slays my life. We both were freaking out and we were both just like, ‘This is nuts.’ She is goals. So for her to recognize me from fashion because of what he did and what we’ve done together, it was a very surreal awesome moment for both of us.”

Roach also tells us that these two clients have more in common than one may think. “They are so much alike that it’s crazy,” he says. “Outside of being tall and having a nice body, they’re both fearless and I was really surprised.” Coleman, again, was floored by the comparison. “It’s awesome to be compared to people like Celine Dion. But I think if Law says it, it must be true, right? He keeps it real. If he says in some way I’m like Celine Dion then that’s crazy.”

Coleman and Roach have been working together since she was 14, and Coleman says this is definitely one of the most exciting moments of their relationship. “We’re very proud of each other,” she says. “So when anything happens in each of our careers, whether it has to do with me or not — for example, me getting a movie or him working with Celine Dion — we push each other to want to be better and we’re here for each other. I think that is another crucial element to our partnership and why we work so well.”

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And just as Roach helped Dion transform through fashion, he’s helped Coleman become who she is today. “What we have done has become so much more important than just the clothes on my back or the clothes that I wear,” she says. “It’s become a movement of confidence, of displaying different types of beauty, of embracing fearlessness and embracing yourself and loving yourself and being unafraid of what people are going to say about you. You get to a level of confidence and you look at yourself where you can literally wear what you want it feel so good. It feels really great. It’s so uplifting and it’s so freeing.”

— Sharon Clott Kanter