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Zendaya and Cara Delevingne Both Have Ad Campaigns You Won't Want to Miss

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Once again, while the rest of us are kicking back this summer, some of our favorite stars are hard at work shooting their fall ad campaigns. Yesterday we got to see what Karlie, Alexa and James (swoon) were up to — and today we’ve got a brand-new face of Material Girl and another model-turned-designer to consider. Check out the latest from Zendaya and Cara Delevingne, below!

Material Girl Zendaya
Courtesy Material Girl

First up is Zendaya, who is following in the footsteps of Kelly Osbourne, Georgia Jagger and most recently Rita Ora as the face of Material Girl, the Macy’s juniors line designed by Madonna and her 17-year-old daughter Lourdes. The Disney star and Dancing With the Stars contestant poses in pieces from the line at N.Y.C.’s Coney Island boardwalk — which they shut down just for the photoshoot. (Unlimited access to funnel cake … we’re jealous!)

In a statement, Madonna said, “Zendaya exudes a confident, free spirit. We love having her as the new face of Material Girl,” while daughter Lola commented, “I love how Zendaya makes her own style rules to fit her personality — that’s who Material Girl is all about, being yourself to the fullest.”” For her part, Zendaya expressed excitement at being picked for the campaign by the “dynamic mother/daughter duo,” adding “Material Girl embraces having fun with fashion and being confident in your own skin … and who does that better than Madonna?”

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Next, Cara Delevingne expands her portfolio to include design, creating a line of convertible backpacks for British handbag brand Mulberry. It has the line’s signature hardware but is a little funkier than their usual offerings (remember their signature “Alexa” bag, named for Alexa Chung? Delevingne lists it as one of her favorites).

She created a “practical” design in a variety of finishes (studded, camo, quilted) with a few details that reflect her own personal style — for instance, the “Made in England” stamp on the bag that echoes that tattoo on the bottom of her foot (watch the video above to see what we mean). And the photos (see ’em here) show the supermodel in the buff, holding a puppy and posing with an owl in a series of chic shots.

What do you think of these latest ad campaigns? See anything you wanna buy?

–Alex Apatoff