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You'll Never Guess Whose Hair Jennifer Aniston Admires

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Noel Federizo

Jennifer Aniston has the hair every woman loves, but whose hair does she covet?

“We look at Gisele, the Victoria’s Secret models — I always love their hair,” her longtime stylist, Chris McMillan, tells PEOPLE exclusively. “When we talk about a style we want to create together, we can do it in 10 words or less. She’ll say something like, ‘Burberry with tuxedo jacket,’ and I’ll be like, ‘Parted down the middle in 2009.'”

That crazy level of connection was what inspired McMillan to come aboard this week as the new celebrity stylist for Living Proof, the haircare company Aniston now represents and co-owns. “Jennifer and I have been very loyal to each other,” he explains. “It just makes sense — why wouldn’t I stick with her? She trusts the people who work with her.”

When Aniston was first approached by Living Proof, she brought the products to McMillan and asked for his opinion. “I really liked it,” he says. “The proof was in the results. And I can’t keep it in stock in my salon.”

The no-frills names of the formulas — no-frizz, full and restore — appealed to him, too. “There are products out there for fine, thin, curly, coarse, wavy and dry hair, but when clients’ hair falls under three of those categories, they don’t know what to do,” he shares. “Living Proof’s simple words really connect.”

McMillan uses the products at home now, as do Aniston and her fiancé, Justin Theroux. So are these shampoos and conditioners the secret to the star’s desirable mane? Maybe, but “Jennifer just has a good head of hair,” McMillan shares. “And she often wears her hair naturally. It’s effortless.”

Even though “The Rachel” craze is totally over, McMillan thinks Aniston’s hair remains iconic because “she has the hair that everybody kind of wants — loose, layered and long,” he says. “Guys think it’s sexy, girls think it’s beautiful. And it always looks real. She’s a very relatable girl.”

She also sounds like a lot of fun. “We laugh during our blow-dries,” McMillan reveals. “The minute I walk into her house, even if it’s just for me to do her hair for a party or something, we’re always just so excited to see each other, then can’t stop talking and laughing. It’s silly — but it’s a really nice friendship. And we both like good hair!”

–Kate Hogan