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You Want to Know: Where to find Kirstie's Necklaces?

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Admit it ladies, at some point in our lives we’ve all wanted to be just like our moms. Maybe that’s why Kirstie Alley’s daughter, Lillie, coordinated her necklace with her mom’s at the photo shoot for PEOPLE’s July 3, 2006, issue. Several PEOPLE readers called wanting to know how to get their hands on the duo’s gorgeous necklaces. Well, here you go: Alley and Lillie are both wearing necklaces from the Safia line, designed by Safia Day. If you are dying for Kirstie’s peridot and turquoise stunner ($800) or can’t live without Lillie’s smoky quartz statement piece ($700), call 818-783-5861. Instant mother-daughter style, without the matching t-shirts. — Kara Murphy

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Photo: Brian Doben

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