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Would You Wear This? Gray Sweater Dresses

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What’s a better bang for your shopping buck than a multi-functional piece of clothing? Besides being totally comfy, the best part of these tunic-style dresses is that they can be worn so many different ways. Pair them with tights and slick boots, like Sandra Bullock (left), or wear them over leggings or skinny jeans. Try them with a camisole, a turtleneck or nothing underneath. Accessorize with boots, necklaces, belts, or keep it totally simple. One word of caution: If you wear it with a belt, put it on your waist, not your hips (Sorry Sandy!). Click through to see some of our favorite gray sweater dresses.

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For a major indulgence, try wrapping yourself in cashmere from Joie, $250 or BCBG, $268.

For a wardrobe staple, try these flattering shapes from Rebecca Beeson, $171 and Lure, $138.

For a real steal, try these great deals from Tulle, $44 and Forever 21, $25.