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Would You Wear Lots of Colorful Makeup, Like Rihanna?

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Tom Donoghue/PictureGroup

Rihanna is known as a fashion risk-taker, and she usually manages to pull off whatever out-there outfit she’s sporting. So while her eye-popping red hair would look clownish on lesser celebs, we thought the singer looked pretty cool — and kind of miss it now that she’s back to brunette.

The problem with sporting such a bold shade on your head, though, is that you really have to be conscious about toning down the rest of your look by wearing neutral colors on your eyes, lips and cheeks. But Rihanna is not one for following the rules, so she went out wearing a veritable rainbow: turquoise eye shadow and bright crimson lipstick, which matched her hair.

As per the usual, if anyone can make this look work, it’s Rihanna, but we want to know: Would you wear this many bright colors?

–Katie Dickens