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Would You Take Your Grill Out Before Going to the Gym? Then You and Madonna Don't Have That In Common

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Lionel Hahn/Abaca USA/Startraks

Last summer, we shared our thoughts about Madonna’s golden grill, and lets just say we had a lot of questions about the star’s unique accessory. But the queen of pop doesn’t care what anyone thinks, and wants the world to know her dental duds are here to stay.

“It mostly pisses people off,” Madonna, 55, told the Canadian entertainment show etalk. “They seem not to like my grill.”

The last time she rocked the controversial mouth gear, Madonna was in full menswear mode, matching son David in a Ralph Lauren suit and wide-brim hat at the Grammys. Yet Madge says her grill is actually quite versatile, a stylish choice that can be worn anywhere from a red carpet to the gym.

“I’ve worn it working out, I’ve worn it horseback riding, I wear it when I eat,” Madonna said. “I can do anything in that grill.”

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For Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry, the “Like a Prayer” singer is probably preaching to the choir: Both stars have been spotted donning grills, and Cyrus even copped to keeping her three pairs in a retainer case. However, their grill commitment doesn’t come near Madonna’s (which may be a good thing).

We’re still skeptical about this toothy trend, but if grills at the gym are the secret to Madonna’s toned bod, we may have to reconsider. What’s your stance on grills? Share your thoughts below!

–Michele Corriston