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Winter Skincare Tips from Kate Middleton and Victoria Beckham's Trusted Pro

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Courtesy Karin Herzog; Insets: INF; Getty

Winter brings a lot of fun, but it can also bring some serious skin problems. Harsh temperatures and whipping winds dry the skin, but walking into warm buildings can totally confuse it. “Skin has to fight for its life against infections and bugs that are common this time of year,” British skincare expert Julie Cichocki tells PEOPLE. “All this can make the skin dry and increase sensitivity.”

To combat those effects, many women slather on the moisturizer, but Cichocki warns against this. “That can result in blocking the pores, bombarding the skin, preventing it from breathing and consequently increase the problems,” she explains. “We like to keep it simple.”

Cichocki is one of Karin Herzog skincare’s pros, and has helped perfect the faces of Kate Middleton, Victoria Beckham, Kim Kardashian, Uma Thurman and a host of other stars. But instead of telling her clients to stock up on dozens of expensive products, she believes skincare routines should be streamlined and simple — though effective.

“Logic dictates you must replace what age, modern living and the environment strip out of the skin daily,” she shares. “Oxygen, pure water and active vitamins are key. It’s about giving back to the skin the energy and raw materials to look after itself.”

Cichocki is a proponent of Herzog’s Vita-A-Kombi 1, a daily-use, oxygen-packed cream designed to let the skin breathe and encourage circulation. “It makes the skin receptive to what else is applied,” she says. “Be that your favorite expensive cream or budget brand, all products work better on skin that is alive, energized and active and not tired.”

But if an $80 jar of cream is out of your price range, Cichocki insists on at least keeping your skin packed with the elements — oxygen, pure water and active vitamins — that keep it healthy. “Your skin will reward you by being balanced, hydrated, radiant, clear and anti-aged,” she shares.

So her biggest advice for the chilly months ahead? “Keep it simple and don’t over-complicate things,” she instructs. “It comes back to working with the skin and giving it what it needs. It never gets tired of the essentials no matter what time of year.” PEOPLE StyleWatch Readers: Through Christmas, enjoy a buy-two-get-one-free deal on all Karin Herzog products when you visit