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Willow Smith Collaborates with Stance on a Trippy Collection of Socks

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It’s been a long time since Willow Smith first entered our hearts, whipping her hair back and forth without a care. Over the past few years, the musician has totally transformed, alongside her brother Jaden, from a proto-pop star into a totally unique fashion force, ignoring passing trends in favor of following her individual style path. So it seems only natural that her new collaboration with Stance Socks, “Miss Dazey,” would also follow suit with an equally eclectic, free-spirited collection.

Willow Smith Stance Socks Miss Dazey
Courtesy Stance

Though Willow can often seem like an enigma (just read her New York Times profile if you need any further proof on that front), the sock company managed to perfectly sum her up in the brief blurb announcing the newest addition to their roster of super high profile collaborators. “We’d call Willow Smith the ultimate provocateur of artistic expression,” it reads, “but even a label like that feels a little too finite for someone so impossible to define … With a confidence and sense of style that feels at once unfathomably fresh and yet well beyond her years, she has a self-possessing originality that makes it feel futile to even mention her age because she transcends it.”

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Willow Smith Stance Socks Miss Dazey
Courtesy Stance

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Since it’s apparently futile to even begin to discuss the complexities of this 15-year-old star’s creative effusions, let’s stick to the more tangible matter of Willow’s collection of foot coverings.

Willow Smith Stance Socks Miss Dazey
Courtesy Stance

The collection features nine designs all in an array of pastel-hued, sun-soaked colors that reflect the LA-based inspirations behind these designs. The styles include a series of increasingly trippy patterns the brand describes as “a kaleidoscopic dreamscape” alongside more subdued striped and floral print options. 

In the campaign images for the collection, Willow brings her knack for seamlessly blending high and low fashion to bear, combining her bold, graphic designs with tulle, fringe, and ruffle-laden looks that play perfectly off of the more sporty vibe of these tube socks. And knowing Willow, all of these socks were probably blessed by her personal crystal shaman and will help you experience transcendental enlightenment of the sixth realm. So there’s always that to look forward to.

What do you think of Willow Smith’s new sock collection? Which style is your favorite?

–Emily Kirkpatrick