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Emily Kirkpatrick
June 20, 2017 09:15 AM

Will Ferrell is no stranger to changing up his look in order to fully get into character. After all, as an experienced Saturday Night Live veteran and successful actor, that’s pretty much par for the course. Whether that means donning a pointy cap and tights to play an adopted elf from Santa’s workshop, perfecting the art of playing the flute while ice skating around in a fur coat, or strapping himself into a corset and growing out his goatee to play the world’s most evil fashion designer, there’s nothing Ferrell wouldn’t be willing to do to fully get into character. So when Jimmy Fallon declared 2017 to be the Summer of ‘Stache, it should probably go without saying that the comedian felt behooved to bring his own set of serious facial hair for the occasion.

On Monday night’s episode of The Tonight Show, Ferrell trotted out his finest extra-long handlebar in an attempt to show Fallon just what’s what when it comes to mustaches. The choice in upper lip stylings was a response to Fallon who shaved the beard he’s been growing since Memorial Day into a mustache last week on the show with the help of Brooklyn barber Russell Cordeiro, declaring this to be the Summer of ‘Stache. And the late night host has been loving the look, declaring proudly when asked how he feels, “Like a million bucks. This is it, this is the new me.”

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But Will showed up — in a full Etro look — to put Fallon’s ‘stache to shame, wearing a long, blonde iteration which gave the comedian a serious air of gravitas.  When Jimmy asked to touch this impressive piece of facial hair, Ferrell shot back, “If you dare…” adding that he’s been growing this bad boy for, “About a week, at least,” challenging the talk show host to call this “Sam Elliott meets Wilford Brimley” look fake, claiming that it’s in fact “full of wisdom.” The comedian joked, “I look like a guy you don’t want to sit next to on an airplane, right?” But eventually, Ferrell had to admit this was all just an act he concocted because he was jealous of Fallon’s warm-weather initiative, revealing that the mustache was not in fact his own. But in the spirit of keeping the Summer of ‘Stache alive he gave his own faux lip covering to a lucky audience member, telling her, “Young lady, you’re going to get some action tonight!” So, viva la mustache! Well, at least until September rolls around.

Whose mustache do you think looks best? Will you be partaking in the Summer of ‘Stache? Sound off below!

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