Kate Hogan
April 18, 2012 04:30 PM

Courtesy Maria Sharapova

April Fool’s Day was a few weeks ago, but tennis star Maria Sharapova had some fun freaking out her fans on Monday when she posted two photos of herself rocking what appeared to be a super-short haircut.

“So what do you guys think?? I kind of love it!” she wrote on her official Facebook page. Fans definitely let her know what they thought — to the tune of nearly 15,000 comments and more than 50,000 likes.

But it turns out it was all a joke; late Tuesday, Sharapova shared another photo, this of her signature long blonde mane, along with an explanation.

“My hair is still long … and blonde … and well it’s pretty much the same,” she wrote. “We did a shoot a few days ago and I sported all types of hairstyles … long and yes short (a wig!). When I posted those photos with the short hair I had no idea everyone would go all bananza … (my dear friends, I never actually said I cut my hair!).” Even though it was just a wig, we think the tennis star pulled the short hair off well. Tell us: Do you prefer Sharapova with long or short hair?


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