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Why Selena Gomez Dresses for Her Fans

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Albert Michael/Startraks

Selena Gomez has a fragrance on the way and a clothing line to maintain, but the starlet says that her next project won’t be style-related. When asked what’s in the pipeline, she tells PEOPLE simply, “movies. I’m just kind of working on that for a bit.”

However, she’s not shifting away from fashion and beauty entirely. Aside from the mid-May launch of her perfume, the summer offerings from her clothing line, Dream Out Loud, are set to hit Kmart stores this week. “I am really excited for [that],” she shares. “It’s really cute!”

For her part, Gomez tries to dress “cute” when making public appearances — almost always keeping her rabid fans in mind. “Obviously sometimes I’m going to dress for me,” she says of super-fancy red carpet events. “I wouldn’t specifically want younger kids wearing a gown or a top that I wear. But most of the time I do wear things that are appropriate for everybody.”

She designs them, too; Dream Out Loud includes appropriate tops, dresses and skirts for girls that cover what needs to be covered.

So is a guys’ collection on the way? Probably not, though Gomez does have her eye on a few up-and-coming teens these days. As she admits to PEOPLE, “I love One Direction. I love their cute little boy band stuff.”

–Reporting by Jackie Fields