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Why Is This Hair Tool So Amazing?

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When we heard that this hairbrush is award-winning, has a cult following among beauty editors and is a favorite of women with hair that’s either always tangled or always lacking volume, we had to try it out. And now? Well, now, we’re part of that cult following? One use and we have a feeling you will be, too.

Although brushing your hair may seem like a silly grooming habit, there are actually some serious benefits for keeping your strands sleek and tangle-free: brushing massages the scalp to help produce oil, rids hair of tangles and knots and aids in styling. And this brush works to do all three!

The fact that this brush gets through even the most knotted hair without ripping out a lot of strands is a major feat and just the beginning. We also love it for its teasing abilities. Take it from someone who was never able to master the art of teasing (a backcombing trick to add major volume to your tresses), this brush makes it really easy to add volume.

And yes, we admit it, we also love the brush because of its aesthetic. It just looks so cool and unique, especially in the shiny gold-and-black version! Don’t you agree? We haven’t seen any other brush quite like this one on the market. So obviously we got one of the full-size brushes to keep at home and one of the gold travel versions with the cap to keep in our bags because we couldn’t decide on just one!

Grab one for yourself (and if you’re a mom, definitely pick up one for your kid — we promise it’ll make hair-brushing a whole lot more pleasant for both of you). And don’t forget to nab an extra 10% off orders over $50, plus free shipping, by entering PEOPLE10 at checkout if you’re a first-time shopper.

–Zoë Ruderman