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Why Is Bobbie Thomas in Shapewear (and Little Else) on National TV?

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You likely recognize Bobbie Thomas from her role as Style Editor for NBC’s The Today Show, but you’ve never seen her like this before.

To promote some of the messages in her new book, The Power of Style, the TV personality stripped down to her skivvies (along with some other brave women) for a segment about feeling beautiful before you even put your clothing on.

“I wanted to reveal what was ‘under my dress’ on TV,” Thomas tells PEOPLE, “because it was a way for me to say, ‘Hey, I’ll go first!’ and be willing to do what I was asking other women to do: Accept, embrace, and value yourself regardless of whether you like or dislike what you see in the mirror.”

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But despite her passion for the project, Thomas was just as petrified as anyone else would be. “It was scary, to be honest,” she says. “Imagine telling your boss, ‘I’d like to go on in my underwear!'” And though the other women also had nerves the day of, “by the time we were all together in our bras and lycra shorts, it felt oddly normal, and very freeing.”

Thomas’s whole style ethos, as written in her book, is that you must master the lessons in Part One (“building confidence and self-worth”) and then remember them as you get dressed. “If you don’t love the skin you’re in, you won’t be able to hide that with fashion,” she advises.

For more from Thomas, check out her new book (with a foreword from Fergie!) and check out the book’s trailer here.

Tell us: What do you think of Thomas’s great Spanx-periment?

–Alex Apatoff