May 23, 2012 03:00 PM

Jason Decrow

Hayden Panettiere‘s beauty must-haves are as low-key as she seems to be. “I have them all in my purse,” she told PEOPLE in New York recently.

Such as? “I love the [Neutrogena] ‘MoistureShine’ lip gloss,” the Neutrogena spokesperson admitted. “We always use them on our cheeks, too — especially when we carry around bags the size that we do where you can fit like one lip gloss in there.”

Makeup aside, Panettiere is currently focused on summer skin and promoting PEOPLE and Neutrogena’s “Spotlight on Suncare Tour,” which teaches people how to care for their skin and promotes sunburn prevention.

The Scream 4 actress practices what she preaches — she wears sunscreen every day. “I make sure that I put sunscreen on under my makeup, or just by itself, no matter where I am going,” she revealed. “It’s actually interesting because I realized that even high SPFs … if you don’t reapply, you’re not going to get the same kind of coverage. SPF 70 can be like a 19 SPF if you don’t apply it properly.”

She’s happy to lend her name to the cause, too. “Skin cancer has become such a huge epidemic, especially in young women, so it is really important that people learn how to take care of their skin and be preventative. That’s the thing about every kind of cancer: catching it before it becomes a problem.”

The skincare campaign features a traveling tour bus with on-site dermatologists who are offering free skin cancer screenings, self-exam kits and sunscreen products. Check out the website to find out when it’s visiting your town.

–Jennifer Cress, with reporting by Emily Strohm


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