Kate Hogan
July 10, 2012 03:00 PM

Cohen Media Group; Inset: Hutchins

Diane Kruger loved playing ill-fated French Queen Marie Antoinette in her latest film, Farewell, My Queen — but she doesn’t have a hankering to be the next Duchess of Cambridge.

“I do like the royals and I definitely watched their wedding,” she told PEOPLE Monday at a screening of the film in N.Y.C. But, she smiled, “I think it’s something we can dream about in our society. I myself have never wanted to be in an ivory tower — I gotta be honest.”

Still, the outfits she wore as a queen in the movie certainly impressed her boyfriend, actor Joshua Jackson.

“I definitely made the effort to go see her in the full queen regalia. It’s a one-time thing in an actor’s life. It was sexy — period, full stop,” Jackson told reporters about Kruger’s opulent costumes. “I mean, it was kind of a kinky fetish thing with the wigs and the corsets,” he continued. “I don’t know how [people] survived that period. Foreplay must’ve been a sonofabitch. It takes a nation of millions to get those things on and off.”

After the screening, the pair headed over to the after-party at the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in New York, where Kruger basked in praise for her performance, and Jackson stayed nearby, the consummate supportive boyfriend.

–Sara Hammel


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