August 08, 2012 04:00 PM

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Time to start a fan club: Katharine McPhee can be added to the list of stars who covet a certain actress’s stellar sense of fashion.

“I love Kate Bosworth’s style,” the Smash star tells PEOPLE. “She always looks classy, but her style [changes]. It’s sometimes hippie, sometimes hipster-edgy and sometimes it’s like a classic Chanel tweed dress paired with a purse. I love, love, love her.”

Want to steal either star’s style? McPhee recommends one designer item worth the splurge: a great bag.

“I would say the most classic piece you can probably buy — even if you get it vintage — is a Chanel shoulder bag,” McPhee shares. “You can dress it up, dress it down — you can wear [it] with jeans, shorts, button-ups.”

Another reason why she loves the iconic purse? It prevents her from carrying around too much junk. “They usually can be a good size where you can fit everything you need, but you’re not going to take excess things,” she explains. Tell us: What was the last big-ticket item you splurged on?

–Jennifer Cress


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