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Which Oscar Nominee Might Carry a Puppy Purse on the Red Carpet?

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The answer to the question above? Not Jessica Alba, who carried a poodle purse to the Golden Globe Awards, but rather a fashion-forward red carpet newbie.

Quvenzhané Wallis, star of Beasts of the Southern Wild, made headlines for being the youngest person ever to be nominated for an Oscar for Best Actress. And now the 9-year-old has gained the attention of the fashion world, too, thanks to the adorable sparkly purple dress she wore while accepting the Best Young Actress trophy at the Critics’ Choice Awards last week.

In an interview with Vogue‘s André Leon Talley, the starlet stays tight-lipped about what she will wear to this year’s Academy Awards (see minute-mark 1:15 for her genius way of deflecting Talley’s question), but she does divulge some hints. Here’s what we know:

It’s possible her dress might be pink because it’s her favorite color, and it will almost definitely not be floor length. “I might step on it and trip on it,” she explains. “And I don’t want to humiliate myself!”

And if her Critics’ Choice Awards accessory selection is any indication, she might not only be the first 9-year-old to win an Oscar, but also the first person to attend the show carrying a pink furry dog purse with a color-coordinating bow and sequin onesie.

Watch the above video to find out more about Wallis, including what she got for Christmas (hint: it’s pink), the celeb whose style she loves and to listen to her sing a line from “Fashion Is My Kryptonite.” Tell us: Do you think Wallis should go pink and girlie or totally sophisticated for the Oscars?

–Jennifer Cress