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What's Your Most Embarrassing Swimsuit Moment?

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Derek Steele/BuzzFoto

Remember when your brand-new bikini top washed away with the waves? Or when that sexy white suit you’ve been waiting to wear all season turned out to be (oops!) totally see-through.?We’ve know –we’ve been there, too! Everyone has an embarrassing swimsuit moment sometime, and now we want to hear yours! What’s your worst-ever swimsuit malfunction? Did you decide to wear a bright-red bikini on the first day of summer, only to have the color bleed everywhere? Did you decide to try a swan dive into the pool, only to have your bottom come up missing? Or did you have to do on-the-spot repair after the clasp on your suit broke? Tell us your story! And if it helps take the sting out of the embarrassment, we’ll be picking a few of our faves to include in a future issue of People StyleWatch. Tell us: What’s your most embarrassing swimsuit moment? — Emmy Parsons