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What's With the Trend Towards Eating Disorder-Themed Fashion Items?

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The fashion industry has often been criticized for promoting an unhealthy body image, whether through Photoshop or by employing models who may be unhealthy themselves. But in the past few years, the industry has been making strides, vowing to airbrush photos less, employ more diverse models (and mannequins) and to look out for models who may not be able to speak up for themselves. (For example, Vogue pledged to ban models under the age of 16 or “who appear to have an eating disorder.”)

Which is why we’re so surprised to see a recent trend of products hitting the market with disturbing themes or names. Jessica Alba recently was snapped wearing a pair of Thierry Lasry x Kelly Wearstler sunglasses named the “Anorexxxy.” We’re not sure why, but our guess is because you can see right through the clear frames. Charming.

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Other high-profile retailers recently underwent scrutiny for similar items with controversial messaging: Urban Outfitters yanked an “Eat Less” shirt from their shelves after consumer outcry, while in January, Nordstrom pulled a pillow that said “To hell with beauty sleep. I want skinny sleep!”

We find this fad totally bizarre, and not at all in keeping with the more popular fashion movement to embrace all body types. (Even Abercrombie & Fitch is doing it!) So we’re wondering if this is something you’re seeing at other stores, or a strange one-off phenomenon? What are your thoughts on these products — dumb or disturbing? Let us know below.

–Alex Apatoff