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What's Jennifer Lopez's One Style Pitfall of Working at American Idol?

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Michael Becker/Fox/Getty

Jennifer Lopez is known for her stunning fashion choices, but she not only strives to look great, she wants to smell fantastic as well.

“Scents, for me, create memories in my mind so fragrance has always been a big part of that,” the American Idol judge tells PEOPLE.

And Lopez, 44, makes sure she has a large hand in the fragrances she wears, because she designs them herself.

“Sometimes I will just be inspired, and I’ll say ‘Put a pin in this. I love the smell of this candle right here,'” she says. “And then from there we will build on different things just so it is fresh and new. I’m always thinking about it.”

And it seems that others want to smell like Lopez as well. The international superstar recently released “Glowing Goddess,” her 21st fragrance since hitting the market with “Glow” in 2002.

“The first one was easier in a way. Glow was just about being out there. I was just starting my career in this arena and it was a different feeling,” she says. “Now I am more grown up and I want to feel a certain way. I always just try to be honest to how I am feeling at the moment.”

The fashonista also has the same outlook when it comes to choosing her outfits with her style team of Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haenn.

“We just go with how we feel that day. I’ll try anything,” Lopez says of choosing her outfits for the American Idol live shows. “But a lot of the looks are really short, and we sit above the audience so I have to be careful!”

For more on our exclusive interview with the the star, pick up the new issue of PEOPLE on stands everywhere now. What do you think of Lopez’s Idol style? Have you tried her fragrances?

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–Patrick Gomez