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What We're Loving: Initial Earrings for 30 Bucks!

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If you a) love all things personalized, b) are into personalized jewelry, but want something delicate (not the big ol’ nameplate look), c) are looking for a great gift for a friend/sister/new mom/newlywed/yourself, d) love a bargain or e) are considering getting your significant other’s name tattooed on your body but would like an alternative way to show your love for him, check out these pretty gold alphabet studs.

We’ve already ordered a few pairs for friends who are getting married (new last name means new initials!). They’re just $30 ($27, plus free shipping, if you’re a first-time Joyus shopper — enter PEOPLE10 at checkout for 10% off orders over $50), which makes it such a no-brainer present.

And yes, obviously, we gifted ourselves a pair, too.

Wear your own initials, an X and an O or someone else’s initials (à la Kim Kardashian, who wore a K and a W in one ear and essentially confirmed her relationship with Kanye West by doing it).

But these studs aren’t just for your ears; check out minute mark 1:25 to see a fresh way to wear the initial earrings on your button-downs.

Any other creative ways you can think of using these earrings? To spell out a word down one ear? As pretty pins in a bulletin board? Share them below so we can get even more use out of our initial studs (if that’s even possible).

–Zoë Ruderman