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What We're Buying: Surprisingly Versatile Spikes and Sun-Protective Swimwear

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What are we buying this week? We’re glad you asked. Below, we rounded up a few of the things we found so irresistible, we had to have them. And then talk about them at length.

And we’ll happily return the favor. If you Tweet (@StyleWatchMag) or Instagram (@peoplestylewatchmag) a picture of the item and include #PSWshops, we’ll can showcase our favorites. And make sure to share shots of yourself wearing the item here; you might just see the latest addition to your closet on the site!

ALC earrings
Courtesy Shopbop

Writer-Reporter Jackie Fields: I don’t know about you, but I’ve been seriously craving hoop earrings. I blame it on my spin instructor’s recent 45-minute homage to throwback Janet Jackson. Fashion flashback: if you don’t own a hoop earring with a key on it, à la Miss Jackson during the “Rhythm Nation 1814” era, we can’t be friends.

The quest to find something cool and current has been endless, so you can imagine the teenybopper squeal I let out when I feasted my eyes on these A.L.C. babies (now sold out!). So far I’ve paired these punky but versatile earrings with everything from a faux leather skirt, floral (yes, floral!) blazer and white tee to a grey tank, jeans and black snapback (yes, a snapback!). The best thing about them is there’s no need for a necklace, which is a relief as the weather warms. Miss Jackson, if you can see me: It’s “All For You!”


j. Crew rashguard
Courtesy J. Crew

Senior Style Editor Zoë Ruderman: I got hooked on paddleboarding a few summers ago. But there’s one big drawback (two if you count the fact that you have to haul that heavy board around): the sunburn potential.

When I’m on the beach or a boat, I reapply sunscreen every 30 minutes (you think I’m kidding, but my friends will corroborate). When I’m on a paddle board, though, there’s nowhere to keep a bottle of SPF nor would it be easy to slather it on without losing your balance. So I’m finally investing in a rash guard.

Originally designed for surfers, these protect you from the board and the cold, but this one from J. Crew also offers protection equivalent to a sunscreen with SPF 50. It’s even recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation as an effective way to block UV rays. I plan to pair the “Caribbean blue” shade with a pair of bright floral bikini bottoms and hit the surf as soon as summer kicks off.

Tell us: What are you buying lately?