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What We're Buying Our Moms for Mother's Day

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Mother’s Day is Sunday! What have you got planned? We’re a little past the point where we can skate by with a hand-drawn card and a mug of coffee, so we take shopping for our moms very seriously. Below, see exactly what our editors picked out for the moms in their lives … and we’re not going to lie, we wouldn’t mind getting ourselves. Wait, it’s not Kids’ Day yet? Maybe we haven’t matured that far past our hand-drawn card days. (P.S. Style editor moms: No peeking!)

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Cuyana Robe
Courtesy Cuyana

Alex Apatoff, Style News Editor: One of the funny things about moving far from home is that you realize how much your mom really needs you … to provide style advice from time to time. On a recent trip back to Chicago, I was equal parts amused and horrified to see her hanging out in a black robe that had sort of a “Comfortable New Orleans Madam” vibe. Of course I gave her my extremely subtle and constructive criticism (heavy dose of sarcasm), and she charged me with finding her a better, cooler one.

Well, this is it. I was already a Cuyana devotee for their chic, well-made leather goods, but recently I’m loving their Turkish towel and robe collection as well. I love Turkish robes because they’re lightweight but still absorbent, comfortable but cool — this is a robe you could wear to sit out by the pool in the summer and not worry about the neighbors getting the wrong idea. I picked the rose color because pink is my personal favorite, and I want her to remember how great I am even when I’m far away.

Tory Burch bag
Courtesy Tory Burch

Andrea Lavinthal, Style and Beauty Director: Like Alex, I provide my mother with an endless stream of unsolicited advice on what she should and should not be wearing (yes to espadrilles, no to anything with polka dots). The last time I saw her, she was carrying an oversize leather tote that resembled a fancy diaper bag. So this Mother’s Day I’m introducing her to the game-changing world of cross-body bags. This tan leather one is as classic as it gets, yet the shape still feels modern and it fits all of her essentials (including Binaca because my mother is the last person on Earth who still uses it.) Plus, the Tory Burch logo is guaranteed to garner lots of compliments at her next book club.

Fresh mask
Courtesy Fresh

Brittany Talarico, Associate Style Editor: My mom is very fashion-forward. My friends always tease me with the famous Amy Poehler line from Mean Girls, “I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom,” because it’s true. (No, she’s not a crazy lady wearing Juicy jumpsuits, but I’ve been shopping her closet since high school. It’s amazing.) So needless to say, she doesn’t need much in the clothes department. But she’s always asking me about what beauty things to try. Enter: This Rose Face Mask from Fresh. She doesn’t have any of the brand’s products (they’re some of my faves!) in her skincare rotation yet, and I think this hydrating, cooling cream is the perfect starter. Once she’s hooked, I’ll add on to her collection.

Coordinates bracelet
Courtesy Coordinates

Zoë Ruderman, Deputy Style and Beauty Director: Two of my boyfriend’s brothers recently had babies, which means two things. First: My boyfriend’s mother has eased up slightly on the when-are-you-two-getting-pregnant pressure. And secondly, I need to offer up gift suggestions for the dads to give to their wives. (That’s your job when you’re the style editor in the family.) I recommended the Coordinates Collection bracelet to both.

It’s personalized jewelry 2.0 (no initials, no birth stones, no profile silhouette pendants). You go on the site and put in a meaningful location (psst, guys, that would be the place the baby was born) and you get a gorgeous understated bangle in the finish of your choosing engraved with the spot’s latitude and longitude. (They’re almost beautiful enough to make me want to have a baby. But don’t tell that to my boyfriend’s mom.)

Josie Maran beauty
Courtesy Josie Maran

Jackie Fields, Writer/Reporter: I love sending my mom beauty swag. Truthfully, her home looks like the main floor of Macy’s Herald Square because of of it. So why, oh why, would I inundate her with more product? Because there are items you test and toss (I’m still working the “toss” part with her), and those you try and stock forever. Josie Maran’s argan oil products are the latter.

So this Mother’s Day, I’ll pick up this cult classic in pretty new packaging. It’s super hydrating and eye-catching: so basically the best of both worlds. The formula and fragrance are light enough that she can spritz herself with her favorite Prada scent after applying. Speaking of, I better pick up a bottle of that, too.

Skagen watch
Courtesy Skagen

Bronwyn Barnes, Senior Style Editor: Over the years I have been known to … let’s say “borrow” things from my mother’s closet without her knowing about it. So when she lost her favorite Skagen watch a few years ago, I became the prime suspect. For the record, mom, I didn’t take your watch, but just to show there are no hard feelings I am going to replace it with this sleek three-hand beauty, which features a minimalist crystal-embellished face and an azure blue leather band. (Full disclosure: I did swipe a couple of your amazingly soft Ann Taylor stretch camisoles the last time I visited, so I’ll throw in a couple of those as well.)

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