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What We're Buying: Amazing Shoes, Affordable Staples and One Very Chic Home Accessory

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Have you bought anything you loved lately? In the PEOPLE StyleWatch offices, the answer to that question is usually “Yes.” Below, check out the shoes we couldn’t resist, the killer staples on which we didn’t even have to splurge and the most stylish thing in Jessica Paster’s new home.

Coach sandals
Courtesy Coach

Andrea Lavinthal, Style & Beauty Director: My parents and I were babysitting my niece over the weekend, so of course we took her to our favorite family hangout: the Short Hills Mall. And like a true Lavinthal, baby Skylar happily kicked her legs while we pushed her stroller in and out of Bloomingdales, J.Crew, Club Monaco and Madewell.

But by the time we got to Coach, she was nearing meltdown mode. The smart thing would’ve been to call it a day, but I had just spotted the coolest pair of sandals with a canvas strap and a silver stacked heel and wasn’t about to let a one-year-old get between me and what I knew would be my new favorite spring shoes. Cut to me trying on, walking around in and paying for the sandals all the while singing to a very unhappy Skylar (I have a terrible voice).

She may have been miserable while I was buying them, but in about two decades when she’s asking to borrow them from her aunt’s closet, I know she’ll be glad I stayed in the store and got them.

Jessica PAster bathub
Courtesy Jessica Paster

Jessica Paster, celebrity stylist and chief stylist: I recently just bought a house in Ojai as a relaxing escape from L.A. craziness, and I made the decision to gut the entire place, and start fresh. I have been having the most amazing time choosing everything from large furniture accents to the tiny details in the molding that make the space my home.

The reason why I decided to do the interior design on my own is because I am a creative person who loves to start with a blank canvas and create a masterpiece whether it be with my home or the clients that I style. My job has many similarities with interior design and I find it very calming for me to express my artistic ways by re-doing a home.

One of my favorite items that I purchased for my Ojai home is my claw foot bathtub. There is nothing like taking a bath after a long day, and boy, do I love my baths! The claw foot tub is so feminine and chic, it is my absolute favorite!
Jessica Paster is a celebrity stylist who has dressed stars including Cate Blanchett and Elle Fanning. She’s also the chief stylist for, and her current favorite shoe is the Teralyn heel! Follow her on Twitter for even more!

Missoni shoes
Courtesy Brittany Talarico

Brittany Talarico, Associate Style Editor: I had one of those serendipitous shopping moments. You know the ones where you are in the right store at exactly the right moment and nab the steal of a lifetime. The store: DSW. The steal: Missoni pumps. The price: Are you sitting down? Because you’re not going to believe it …

$89. That’s right $600 pumps for $89. How? Thanks to the DSW Gods and their clearance prices. There was only one pair left, and they happened to be my size. I felt like Cinderella when she slipped into her glass slipper. Not only am I in love with the iconic pattern, but they’re the ultimate spring pump thanks to the pastel hues. I can’t wait to wear them with everything from boyfriend jeans to a mini dress. And yes, I’ll be adding bargain hunter to my résumé.

Whitney in jeans
Courtesy Whitney Little

Whitney Little, Associate Producer: I may be well-versed in mom jeans, but when it comes to boyfriend jeans I’ve had some difficulty mastering the trend. That’s mainly because every time I try on a pair that I think is going to fit flawlessly, they end up looking like this. There’s a difference between boyfriend jeans and wearing what looks like your actual boyfriend’s jeans, and I never found the right fit.

But the denim gods finally smiled upon me when I discovered Armani Exchange’s version, which features a distressed style and light wash. They are loose enough to fit the “boyfriend” description but not super baggy, so I can get away with throwing on some pumps and a blazer and wearing them to work. And — here comes the best news — is currently having a 50% off denim sale, so you can nab your own pair for under 80 bucks.

Zara men's moto jacket
Courtesy Zara

John Soper, Editorial Assistant: “White or Black?!” This is the text I sent out to a dozens of friends when trying to decide what color moto jacket I should buy. On one hand, white is super refreshing and a great color for spring. On the other, I can carry the dark one into fall and it won’t show every speck of dirt. After weighing the pros and cons of each (and reminding myself how I ruined a white shirt last week opening a bottle of merlot), I decided to go with the black.

This piece from Zara has already become a major staple in my wardrobe and I wear it with everything: dress shirts, t-shirts, tank tops – you name it. It adds an instant edge to my outfit and is versatile enough to have at the office or out on the town. (Did I mention it’s faux leather? Animal friendly!)

The best part about my purchase? If you check out Celeb Style Council member Jamie Chung’s ensemble, the ladies can rock this trend too! Pair it with a dress or crop top to add a statement to your feminine outfit. I recommend the motorcycle jacket with zips — same style and cheaper than the men’s version.

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