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What We're Buying: Amazing Boots, Genius Jewelry Storage, the Best Blazer and More!

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Perhaps the only thing we love more than shopping is sharing our new finds with you. This week, we enlisted a star who feels similarly to dish on her amazing new purchase, plus rounded up some of our smartest buys and coolest borrows (more on that below). Read on to see what we’re loving this week, then let us know what you’ve been snapping up lately!

Balenciaga boots
Courtesy Ashley Madekwe; Getty

Ashley Madekwe, actress, fashion blogger and Style Council member: I don’t have to think too far between shopping trips. I’m buying something every day! I just bought a pair of Balenciaga boots. They’re chunky. They’ve got a ’90s vibe. They’re actually a lot like the shoes I used to wear to school when I was a teenager. I was a teenager in the ’90s, so that’s my look. And I’m going to wear them with everything and anything!

–Reporting by Gabrielle Olya

Andrea Lavinthal Rebecca Taylor dress
Courtesy Andrea Lavinthal

Andrea Lavinthal, Style Director: I was recently invited to attend the Dream Ball After Dark, a super-swanky charity bash that benefits the Look Good Feel Better program. I was all set to wear my favorite LBD, when I realized that the attire was “black tie preferred,” meaning a cocktail dress wouldn’t cut it.

I panicked since apparently I’m the only thirty-something who doesn’t own a floor-length gown. Luckily I work in very close proximity to the StyleWatch fashion closet and was able to borrow this absolutely stunning strapless Rebecca Taylor design, which features a lace bodice and edgy nailhead embellishment. So while this is technically a “What I’m Borrowing” (it retails for $795!), you better believe I’ll be the first one to buy it if it ever goes on sale.

Joyus makeup organizer
Courtesy Alex Apatoff

Alex Apatoff, Contributor: Because we see so much product come through our email inboxes, it takes something pretty amazing to get me off my seat (so to speak) and clicking “buy.” And this jewelry storage mirror, which I first saw as part of our Joyus video series, was just such a product.

My jewelry collection is not only enormous and unwieldy, it’s also been on full display since my single-lady days — and finally my husband asked me if I could maybe, you know, store it. And though this is more than I was looking to spend (I did use our exclusive Joyus discount code), even Rich agreed that it’s so smart, it’s worth every penny. The full-length mirror on the front is super-practical and there’s so much storage inside that my OTT collection fits completely. The earring section is especially smart: Nothing will fall out, but it’s easy to slip any kind of earring back in. Watch the explanatory video here — and if you’re as sold as I was (bet you will be), you can buy it here.

Zara pleated blazer
Courtesy Zara

Rosa Heyman, Assistant: When I was younger, I hated wearing blazers because I thought they always looked so masculine and frumpy — the shoulder pads reminded me of when I had dressed up as a mom for Halloween when I was 6 (a costume that must have been so amusing for my own mother).

Now that I’m older (and wiser, right?), I realize that a tailored blazer can help make any outfit look finished and chic. I recently picked up a black pleated blazer from Zara that I know I’ll wear both in and out of the office; as a girl on a budget, versatile apparel is a must. The best part about the blazer is its feminine silhouette — the low front clasp creates a peplum appearance and the subtle structuring of the shoulders is super flattering.