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What Should Jennifer Lawrence Wear to the Oscars? We Shop the Dior Couture Runway On Her Behalf

Posted on Photo Illustration; Photos Provided by Getty

They say only two things in life are certain: Death and taxes. We feel fairly comfortable adding one more thing to that list: Jennifer Lawrence will be wearing Dior Couture at the Oscars on March 2. And she’ll have a whole fresh batch of Dior gowns to choose from, since Raf Simons just showed his latest collection at Paris Couture Fashion Week Monday. Though it’s more than likely she’ll wear something custom-made, we thought we’d give her a bit of a head start by drawing up a wish list for her straight from the runway. And for the best possible results, we envisioned the dresses actually on the star, making one of her signature goofy red carpet faces.

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The Dream Dress: Let’s be honest. She’s not going to wear this. She prefers Dior’s more avant-garde stuff, and this is just a tad, well, conventional. But how fabulous would this look showing off her newly-exposed shoulders thanks to her recent pixie cut? With some gorgeous diamond earrings and an amazing bracelet? Not happening? Yeah, we didn’t think so either, but we can dream.

The Likely Candidate: This silhouette really works for her, as we saw at the SAG Awards. The lines are simple, but the print is whimsical and eye-catching. She’ll be able to dance in it all night — and should she win another Oscar, it’ll be perfect for showing off her guns and it’s unlikely to trip her on the way up the stairs.

The Out-of-Left-Field Meme Generator: One of Lawrence’s Dior gowns has already inspired a legion of copycats on the internet, and lightning isn’t likely to strike twice. But if she is feeling a little saucy, what better to get her name trending on Twitter than this particularly bold cocoon-shaped gown with feathery pailettes and a full train.

So which of these would you like to see her try? Or if you could design any dress for her, what would it look like?

–Alex Apatoff