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What Polar Vortex? Celebs Brave the Cold In Style

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Splash News Online(2); Startraks; Courtesy Gisele Bundchen; AKM-GSI

If you’ve turned on your television, gone on Twitter or, heck, just left the house in half of the country, you’ve probably noticed that it’s a smidge chilly out this week. From Nashville to N.Y.C., much of the U.S. is experiencing record low temperatures, which we’d prefer to handle with hot cocoa and an eleven-hour Netflix marathon.

But if you’ve got to go outside (hey, that box of Cheez-Its isn’t going to refill itself), you can take a cue from these five stars, who have all addressed the colder weather in their own unique ways. Study up, and be sure to tell us your stay-warm strategies (two layers of pants? All the cashmere in your closet? Positive thinking?) in the comments.

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The “My Car’s Right Outside”: Jessica Simpson may look awfully calm for only having a thin layer of nylon between her legs and the elements, but don’t worry: She only had a five-foot walk to go before reaching the Good Morning America doors Tuesday morning. A midnight-blue fur and hair worn to cover her ears completed the look, though her rosy cheeks give away the fact that she may be feeling the cold.

The “Stylish Tundra Trekker”: For those of us who didn’t get a “cold day,” Sarah Jessica Parker modeled the ideal walk-to-work outfit: Skinny jeans (layered over tights), high-top sneakers (with two pairs of socks) and our warmest coat with a fur-trimmed hood worn over our heads. Commuting scowl optional.

The “I’m Going to Have Fun for Instagram, Darn It”: This Instagram shot of Gisele Bündchen jumping for joy in the snow is a few days old, but she reprised the whole look (plus a muffler, hat and scarf) during the cold snap in Boston this week. Perfect for when you want to look chic and snowblown for a fabulous photo to share on social media — right before you run back inside. Hey, it beats another screengrab of your weather app.

The “I Have To Take The Dog Out and This Is As Good As It’s Gonna Get”: Allow Amanda Seyfried to demonstrate what this looks like: PJ bottoms stuffed into cozy boots. Statement-making hat. Seriously warm coat. Sunglasses. (We’d add ski gloves and a scarf too!)

The “Rihanna“: The cold can’t keep you from the club! Just put on your best birdcage veil headpiece, your longest, warmest white fur coat and wear a pair of long trousers that meet your pumps so no skin is exposed. You may not be hot, but you sure are haute.

Which of these is closest to your cold-beating style? Any tips we missed? Share ’em!

–Alex Apatoff