Kate Hogan
November 22, 2011 05:00 PM

Justin Campbell/Startraks

The stars of Young Adult cleaned up nicely for a New York Cinema Society screening of the film in Manhattan over the weekend — but they didn’t all grow up so glam.

Thinking back to their high school days of questionable fashion choices and fleeting trends, some of the actors — whose film focuses on a woman who returns home to chase her high-school sweetheart — took a sartorially scary trip down memory lane.

Charlize Theron was lucky enough to avoid bad school fashions thanks to her school’s rules. “We had uniforms,” she told reporters of her South African school. “It was a light-blue dress with navy blazers, navy sweaters and Mary Janes.” Writer Diablo Cody had the same guidelines. “A plaid burgundy-and-gray skirt with a button-down shirt,” she shared.

Elizabeth Reaser wasn’t quite as fortunate. “[I wore] mostly slutty things like tube tops,” she admitted. “Skin tight. I was out of control. But that’s the time to wear that stuff, though.” In comparison, costar Patton Oswalt was quite conservative. “It was jeans and a T-shirt for me,” he shared. “Then, when I got a little older and new wave hit our northern Virginia suburbs, I had these really bad new wave outfits. Basically Buckeroo Banzai and John Hughes decided everything that I was going to wear.”

But one Young Adult player who hasn’t let go of his high school style? Director Jason Reitman. Arriving at the afterparty at The Double Seven clad in a plaid flannel shirt and jeans, he had a cheeky answer for the question of the night. “[I wore] a plaid flannel shirt and jeans,” he offered with an ironic smile. Tell us: What did you wear in high school?

–Jeffrey Slonim


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