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What Derek Jeter Smells Like

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Being a beauty editor often involves attending luncheons at upscale restaurants (that I could never get a reservation at in the real world) and undergoing all sorts of odd experiences (“Surprise, the cast of a Broadway show will now serenade you!” Or, “Please, step this way to have your aura read”). This week, I was invited to a lunch at the Lever House with Derek Jeter! He’s launching his first men’s fragrance with Avon called Driven, and I have to say I really liked it. It’s fresh, clean, citrus-y and spicy (it has grapefruit and black pepper in it), and not overwhelming or cloying at all. And there Derek was, signing autographs and chatting with us like we were at a family bbq. He really was nice, and much better-looking than the fortune-telling manicurist from last week. Available in November 2006 for $25.00; 1-800-FOR-AVON or — Elizabeth Lamont

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