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We Tried It: Tricky Spring Denim Trends

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Our April issue hits stands Friday (though you can nab it on your tablet right now!) and it’s packed full of the hottest trends for spring, from entry-level to more advanced. We especially loved talking spring denim trends, but we know that some looks may be tougher than others to pull off. That’s why we road-tested pastel, engineer stripe and super-distressed jeans — if we can do it, you can too! Check out our outfits, below, then tell us how you’d wear yours in the comments.

PAstel denim
Courtesy Tomoko Takeda Canel

The trend and the editor: Pastel jeans; Tomoko Takeda Canel, Senior Beauty Editor

Degree of trickiness: It’s denim with a feminine twist, so not that hard

Overall experience: I’m a girly girl, so when the fashion ladies asked to me to test out this trend, I was instantly on board. The tricky part (besides picking between peach and mint green) was figuring out what to wear it with. I didn’t want to look like a jellybean! Wearing one color from head to toe looked minimal and sophisticated, but I found that you can never go wrong with neutral basics like a white tee or a button down shirt. But they’re not just for girly girls like me: You can easily toughen up your look by pairing it with edgy pieces like a moto jacket or studded accessories.

Verdict: It’s another reason to wear jeans — especially in the spring!

Destroyed denim
Courtesy Heather Viggiani

The trend and the editor: Engineer stripes; Heather Viggiani, Assistant Editor

Degree of trickiness: Not tricky at all, if you pretend the stripes aren’t there!

Overall experience: Confession: This isn’t the first time I’ve worn engineer-striped denim. In high school I had a skirt from Abercrombie Fitch & Co. I wore all. the. time. If I wore striped denim constantly then, I knew I could do it now. With this in mind, I chose the rest of my outfit as I would with any other pair of non-striped jeans. I added a cropped leather jacket, crossbody and booties — to ensure I was more “cute West Village gal” and less “train driver,” I focused on pieces in my wardrobe that have gold accents (like the cap-toe on the booties). My guy first thought the jeans were “different,” but after this initial unenthusiastic comment, he warmed to them. To keep the look ‘guy hot,’ stay figure-flattering and avoid a roomier fit.

Verdict: Treat them like faded denim skinnies (and keep the outfit girlie/glam) and you can’t go wrong.


Distressed denim
Kristen Maxwell Cooper

The trend and the editor: Super-distressed denim; Kristen Maxwell Cooper, Senior Editor

Degree of Trickiness: 10 for work, but 5 for the weekend.

Overall Experience: I like my denim neat and tidy, so this ripped-up style was a real departure for me; it took me almost a week to finally commit to wearing them out. With holes from the ankles to the upper thighs, these jeans are less-than-ideal for winter, but I forced myself into a springy mindset and gave them a go anyway. I didn’t think I could keep up with the jeans’ laid-back vibe. Instead, I dressed them up with a white button down, nude heels and a statement necklace. I rolled the jeans at the hem to mimic a “boyfriend” look and to show that I wasn’t taking this distressed pair too seriously. I went to brunch with my husband, who loved the look, and even got compliments from strangers!

Verdict: They’re surprisingly versatile and can be dressed up or down. Plus, they give your look a nonchalant, cool-girl spin. Can I keep them!?