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We Tried It: The Most Magical Hotel Hair Tools

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[brightcoveplayer 3335370473001]

What it is: Using a hotel’s hairdryer and hot tools (gasp!)

Who Tried It: Zoë Ruderman, Deputy Style & Beauty Director

Why She Tried It: Because sometimes hotel styling tools just really do not deliver

How crazy is it on a scale from 1 to Ridiculous? Typically a 6, but in this case, a 1

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Tell me if this scenario sounds familiar: You’re packing for a trip and you can either throw your hair tools in the suitcase (taking up tons of space and forcing you to pare down your wardrobe selection), use a bigger suitcase and fit everything (but have to pay extra for checked luggage and risk losing it) or leave the hair tools at home and plan on topknots if the hotel doesn’t deliver.

I’ve traveled quite a bit and — don’t tell Andrea Lavinthal this — I never pack a hairdryer. I’ve always just relied on whatever the hotel offers, and you don’t need a whole We Tried It post to know the results aren’t always so hot.

But I recently grabbed dinner with my friend Carly, who just started working at the new WestHouse Hotel in New York City, and was floored when she told me that each guest bathroom has a ghd (Good Hair Day) hairdryer and flat iron. Apparently this is a growing trend — hotels are finally realizing the plight of the traveling (and vain) woman.

Even though I’m a N.Y.C. native and have no reason to stay in WestHouse, in the name of out-of-towners everywhere, I tested the ghd tools, and they more than live up to the name. The blowdryer was really powerful, but not crazy-loud (like the ones most hotels have that rival jets taking off). And the flatiron. Well, that flatiron and I have fallen in love and are in a fairly serious relationship.

It heats up in a few seconds, it smooths hair out in just one pass (though, admittedly, my hair isn’t curly or thick) and it doesn’t feel like it’s frying my strands. In the video above, you can see how quickly I run it over sections of hair. That’s not movie magic — that’s actually how quickly it gets the job done.

Verdict: Like I said, I’m in love with the ghd flatiron and dryer. And I may start to call hotels before booking to see if they stock their rooms with hair tools.