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We Tried It: Shade-Changing Lip Gloss

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What It Is: Lipstick Queen Frog Prince Lip Gloss
Who Tried It: Sarah Kinonen, Style & Beauty Editorial Assistant

Why I Tried It: In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m all about innovative beauty. And because Lipstick Queen’s latest launch is color-changing, I just had to give it a test run.

Level of difficulty: 1. Simply swipe and smile!

We Tried It: Shade-Changing Lip Gloss Sarah KinonenBrian Nichols/People; Inset: Courtesy Lipstick Queen

While Lipstick Queen’s shimmery emerald green lip lacquer Frog Prince Lip Gloss is a little jarring in the tube, the shade is actually quite gorgeous outside of its clear plastic casing. But that doesn’t necessarily mean I was ready to sport sparkly green lips during office hours.

Alas, in the name of journalism (and my love for beauty), I sucked it up and swiped it on. And my lips … were green. But just for a few seconds! After the gloss adapted to my personal pH, the emerald gloss quickly transformed into a gorgeous rosy shade.

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What I loved most about the shade-shifting formula was that as time went on, the tint continued to deepen, leaving me with a wine-hued, high-shine pout, which lasted through work and then happy hour.

The Verdict: No need to kiss a bunch of frogs before finding my prince: I’m in love! This color-changing lip gloss has officially earned its spot in my makeup bag due to its shade versatility (the color of the gloss can change at any moment!) and hydrating properties (my chapped lips immediately felt nourished and moisturized).

But if I’m being honest, I’m really just keeping this tube close by for shock value. I can’t wait to pull out the tinted tube during my next date night with the BF just to watch his reaction.

Have you ever tried Lipstick Queen lip products? Share below!

–Sarah Kinonen