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We Tried It: Rita Hazan Root Concealer

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Courtesy Rita Hazan; Inset: Courtesy Brittany Talarico

What is it: Rita Hazan Root Concealer, designed to temporarily cover root growth with just one quick spray

Who tried it: Brittany Talarico, Associate Style Editor

Why she did it: I’m a highlighted blonde, which means in between trips to the salon my roots get pretty dark. I needed a solution. Plus, Rita’s responsible for coloring Beyoncé’s hair, so basically I’d trust her with my first born

How crazy is it on a scale from one to Kim Kardashian’s blood facial?: 2. If you’ve used dry shampoo before, you can use this. It’s seriously that easy.

I’m pretty low maintenance when it comes to styling my long, pin-straight hair. (Basically, the most adventurous thing I’ve tried is a simple hair mask). But as I’m now in my mid-20s (okay I’m 26, and not ready to say late 20s yet), my hair seems to be getting darker much quicker. I used to get highlights 2-3 times a year, and now I’m spending QT with my colorist at least 5-6 times a year. So I was looking for something that made that time in between salon trips a bit easier. Enter Rita’s root concealers.

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The miracle worker comes in 5 different shades (I went for the basic blonde) and takes less than a minute to apply. Not only does it cover up my roots and even out my color, but it acts as a dry shampoo eliminating excess oil. Bonus: It dries super quick so it won’t stain anything.

Watch the simple process in the video below (a special shout out out to my sister Jenny for capturing the moment. And yes, she tried it out too!):

See, I told you it was super simple to use. Two important notes: 1.) Make sure to hold the can at least 6 inches away from your hair and 2.) Don’t use too much, or your hair might feel a bit chalky and dry. A little bit does go a long way.

The Verdict: This stuff is dangerous. I’m totally spray-happy. Now, the wait in between highlight appointments will be much more bearable. And for only $25, I might stock up on a few cans. Next up: Rita’s hot pink color spray! Who’s with me?

Would you try this? What’s your favorite trick for covering up roots or gray hair? Tell us in the comments.