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We Tried It: One Makeup Brush For Your Entire Beauty Routine

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Courtesy Whitney Little

What is it: The One Perfecting Brush by Becca, advertised as 10 makeup brushes in one (it’s meant to replace your sponge, foundation brush, powder brush, concealer brush … you get the idea).

Who tried it: Whitney Little, Associate Producer

Why she did it: As someone who is extremely lazy when it comes to beauty routines, I’ll gladly try anything that promises to simplify and shorten my makeup application time.

How crazy is it on a scale from one to Kim Kardashian’s blood facial?: Two. I mean, it’s just a makeup brush! The only crazy thing about it is the idea of using the same tool to apply everything from foundation to blush to lip stain (just don’t use it for your eye makeup, especially if you’re a fan of bright shades).

Okay, so, full disclosure: I once spent $300 on makeup brushes (the sales rep was really good at her job, and I was very clueless). After a few hours, I decided to return the majority of them but kept the foundation brush, per a friend’s advice. Foundation brushes are great — however, because I am basically the human version of a sloth, I grew tired of having to clean mine on a daily basis and reverted back to just using my fingers. And, honestly, I couldn’t tell much of a difference.

Then I found this brush, which is as big as an iPhone but weighs next to nothing. Trust me, it looks way more intimidating than it actually is. I witnessed a woman use this brush to apply her makeup without the use of a mirror, and it took her under 5 minutes. I figured she had probably practiced for hours before performing this feat in public.

Then I used the brush myself (with a mirror, let’s not be crazy) and my makeup looked incredible, like the “after” portion of a makeover. It’s super easy to use — you just do a circular buffing motion to apply foundation and then use the narrow surfaces to blend in concealer and apply powders.

The verdict: I’m a convert (I actually had to tone down my proselytizing in case I sounded like I was getting paid — that’s how much I love it). Even if this weren’t being sold as a 10-in-1 brush, I would spend the money just to use it for foundation alone. And though I was originally weirded out by the concept of using the same brush to apply different products without cleaning in between, the material (super-soft goat hair) doesn’t soak in the makeup, which means by the time I get around to applying my blush, I don’t wind up with leftover concealer or bronzer speckled throughout.

My only complaint is that the goat hair sheds a bit, but the density of the brush hasn’t changed over the past month of usage, so I don’t consider it to be too much of an issue. Plus, for the price (under $50, comparable to many high-quality makeup brushes on the market) I can afford to buy a new one if one day all the hair falls out.

Originally I assumed I would use this for big events or a trip (it definitely saves space in my bag!), but I don’t go a single day without it. I’m so obsessed that I even break my deep lazy streak to take the time to wash it daily — that’s how you know it’s love.