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We Tried It: Lacy Little Things Meant to Prevent 'Thigh Rub'

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Courtesy Elizabeth Carmona

What it is: Bandelettes — they’re lacy bands (see above left photo) that promise to protect your inner thighs from rubbing — and all the pain and suffering that comes with it.

Who tried it: Elizabeth Carmona, Associate Editor

Why she did it: Because I have a curvy lower half, and, while I love skirts and dresses, the thigh rub situation is a highly unfortunate side effect.

How crazy is it?: Crazy … crazy genius, that is!

For me, summer fashion means cute skirts, flowy dresses and (womp) irritating thigh rub. So, when I heard about Bandelettes, I couldn’t wait to give them a whirl. I must admit, though, I was dubious at first. These little pieces of fabric are going to solve this persistent problem? “We’ll see about that,” I thought. Well, I was pleasantly surprised. The lacy bands slide over your thighs and have an adhesive lining so they won’t slip down over time. I wore them for a full day under an above-the-knee skirt and they totally did their job. Plus, they’re as affordable as my regular everyday lingerie ($14.99), they come in tons of colors (though I’d stick to nude or black) and they don’t show at all (see above right photo). Just measure the circumference of your thighs and choose the best fit for you (they come in up to 32″).

The Verdict: If you’re a girl like me who suffers from this problem, I recommend giving Bandelettes a try—they’ll certainly ease your pain!