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We Tried It: Brand New, Kinda Wacky Beauty Products

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Dozens and dozens of products come across our desks every month, and we’ve spent more time than we’ll admit in front of the mirror, in the shower, at our desks, even on airplanes and at the beach, testing them out. But recently three arrived that gave us pause. Because they’re each, well, a little out-there. So we tapped three brave staffers to test them out and report back.

Here’s the scoop on a mascara that gets applied with something resembling a paintbrush, a spray-on exfoliant you can use on dry skin and a liquid liner … that’s bright blue … and glittery.

Andrea Lavinthal, Style Director: I’m kind of nuts about my lashes. I curl them several times a day and never ever leave the house without mascara. So when Avon sent me this potentially game-changing new mascara, I stopped what I was doing and tried it at my desk.

Instead of a traditional wand, the applicator is this spiky paintbrush-looking thing (they call it the “Wonderbrush”) that’s adjustable so you can bend it to your preference. The bristles pretty much attack each lash in the best way possible. I could’ve stopped at one coat, but where’s the fun in that? I applied layer after layer, marveling at how insanely long and dark my lashes looked. My boss called them “Kardashian-like,” which is the highest lash compliment in the world.

FYI: If my lashes look clumpy and crazy in the video it’s because I shot it around coat number seven, when I probably should’ve stopped at six.

Zoë Ruderman, Senior Style Editor: For me, exfoliating has always been something you do in the shower while letting your deep conditioner marinate. So I was a little confused when I saw this spray-on, all-liquid exfoliant that’s designed to be used on dry skin and doesn’t require a shower or even a sink.

O.R.G. Organic Mineral Peel Face comes in liquid form (it looks like skim milk in the bottle) and when I first spritzed it on my hand as a test, it was just liquid, no texture at all. How could that exfoliate?

But I carried on, spraying it on my face then following the instructions and rubbing it on my dry skin. And surprise!: It magically turned into what I’m used to exfoliants feeling like — a bit grainy. I massaged it all over my face, focusing on the areas where my complexion is driest and dullest.

To remove the product, you have two options: Rub it off with a cleansing towelette or makeup-removing wipe (awesome if you’re not near a bathroom or are feeling lazy) or rinse it off in the sink. I’ve tried both and really, they give the same result: smoother skin. It’s too soon to tell if the stuff is truly “promoting radiant looking skin,” as the site promises, but I love the idea that I can now exfoliate without H20. You know, like if the water gets shut off in my building, but my complexion’s feeling dull. As I learned in Girl Scouts, you’ve gotta be prepared for anything.

spray on exfoliant
Courtesy Zoë Ruderman

Whitney Little, Associate Producer: I used to consider myself an expert at applying eye makeup, but this product from the Sephora + Pantone Universe SpectraLight Collection — a glittery, bright blue liquid liner that could easily pass as nail polish — made me rethink my abilities.

My original plan to wear the daring eyeliner for a girls’ night didn’t work out, but instead I nervously tried the look for brunch. Surprisingly, it wasn’t too overwhelming, because I kept the color on the top lid and paired it with black liner on the bottom, as well as black mascara (it pays to listen to Andrea and Zoë’s advice!).

Kelly Osbourne bangs photo
Courtesy Whitney Little

The only issue I ran into was during the application — the product was so runny the glitter dripped into my eyeball, creating a really fun “OMG my eye’s on fire!” sensation. But once it dried, I was a fan, and I’ll definitely be using it again when my standard black liner just won’t cut it.