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We Tried It: 3 Hairstyles from Kate's Royal Tour

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Samir Hussein/Wireimage. Inset:Tim Rooke/Rex USA;Courtesy Brittany Talarico

What it is: Being a total fangirl and bringing pictures of your hair idol Duchess Catherine to the blowout bar so you can get her look (pegged to her current Royal Tour hairstyles of course)

Who Tried It: Brittany Talarico, Associate Style Editor

Why She Tried It: Because the only thing that excites me more than this gif of Prince George is Kate’s hair

How crazy is it on a scale from 1 to Ridiculous? If you’re getting one of her looks recreated at a blowout bar, it’s a zero. They’re super easy for any hairstylist to master. If you’re doing it on yourself, I’d say about a 3.5-7.5, all depending on your hair type, and how good you are with a curling iron and bobby pins.

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Okay, I know I’m not the first person to do this. Getting a Kate Middleton blowout is not original (some salons even have it on their menus), but since she’s been sporting a few new looks on the Royal Tour of Australia and New Zealand, I wanted to do a little investigating of my own. And thanks to Elaine at Drybar, that became a reality.

First, the half-up masterpiece above. It’s been rainy and windy for some of Kate and Will’s appearances, so she’s been pulling her tresses away from her face. (Also handy because we’re sure Prince George has a field day yanking on them.) Achieving the style is simple. First use a curling iron (for my hair we used a 1.25-in. barrel) to create scattered tendrils and amp volume. Then part your hair on your favorite side, keeping it loose and natural. Take a few face-framing strands from each side and twist until they meet together at the back of your head. Then secure with a clear elastic. Now comes the fun part. Remember the super-easy topsy tail from the ’90s? Create a mini one with the pony you just created for the little knot look that creates the twist. Elaine also made the great point that a style like this is perfect for those days in between washes. (That’s right, we don’t think the Duchess washes her every day. Who would have time between all those meet-and-greets and private jet rides?)

We Tried It: Kate Middleton Royal Tour Hair
Ross Setford/EPA/Landov; Courtesy Brittany Talarico

Next up, this super easy pony. It’s not original, but somehow Kate brings it back, makes it feel fresh and we now we want to wear it on a daily basis. Make sure to tease the front for some added volume. Once the pony is in place, use the end of a rattail comb to add some lift underneath the pony — you don’t want it to look to tight to your scalp. Then wrap a generous amount of hair around the base. Seriously, it’s that easy.

We Tried It: Kate Middleton Royal Tour Hair
Tim Rooke/Rex USA; Courtesy Brittany Talarico

And just because, I decide to end my Kate hair tutorial with Elaine by going for her basic side-parted, loosely wavy blowout, just so I could walk around swinging my strands à la the Duchess.

Verdict: After spending my Thursday morning with Elaine, I’m confident I can recreate Kate’s looks at home. The volume and curls might not be as good, but the actually styles are pretty simple (even for someone who finds a basic twist difficult). And Kate, if you happen to be reading this, I’d love for you to try the upside down zipper braid or this multi-hump pony so I can get my “copy Kate” on again!