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We Tried It: 3 Apps That Do Your Makeup For You

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What It Is: Apps that claim to do your makeup better than you ever could (assuming that you don’t have a team of pros at your disposal, à la Kylie Jenner

Who Tried It: Jillian Ruffo, Associate Beauty Editor

Why We Tried It: A Kardashian-quality selfie has many requirements: The right lighting, a team of beauty pros, and a lifetime of skin-perfecting laser treatments. Don’t have those things? Neither do we — but luckily, there’s an app for that.

Even the most new-to-the-medium selfie-taker is familiar with the benefits of a filter, or even the FaceTune app. But we’re not just talking about smoothing wrinkles, removing blemishes, or whitening teeth — these new apps do all that, and then they’ll actually apply makeup to your selfie. What a time to be alive. Sadly, though, this method of applying makeup to your Instagram photo is not always believable — so I tried them, to find out which ones I can use to fool my friends.

Level of Difficulty: 2

Perfect 365
Jillian Ruffo

1. Perfect 365
When the Perfect 365 app launched a few years ago, I was eager to give it a shot — but to my dismay, the results were terrifying — without much effort, I was able to turn myself into a very believable clown.

So I was pretty skeptical of this one when I started this experiment this week, but was excited to find out that their technology has improved since my clown experience. Want smoother skin? Sure! Higher cheeks? Absolutely. Lash extensions? Of course!

Perfect 365 definitely had the biggest variety of options of the three — I was able to do everything from smoothing my skin, to lifting my cheekbones and making my eyes bigger and greener. And while I definitely got a little carried away with the makeup, a softer hand would have left me with much more realistic results, instead of my own personal version of Barbie. But with a quick filter on Instagram, it looks like I just spent some time with a very heavy-handed makeup artist at the salon.

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Jillian Ruffo

2. YouCam Makeup
This app takes you from makeup-free to glam in minutes, and with just a touch of color, the results are borderline believable. I used the most natural-looking shades possible, and steered clear of eyeliner, which tends to add a harsh, animated look. I was able to add a little extra color to the green in my eyes, and fill in my brows, which is definitely a plus. Just don’t bother with their contouring, which will simply cast shadows all over your face.

But my biggest pet peeve with this app: It automatically slims your face — which is exciting at first, but what if I like my jawline the way it is? Leave that part up to me.

Jillian Ruffo

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3. Modiface
This one is slightly difficult to navigate — but once you’ve got the hang of it, it’s smooth sailing. You can add any type and color of makeup that you want, as well change the intensity of the pigment. But I wasn’t crazy about their eyelash options, which ended up looking a bit too faux for my liking.

The coolest part? Modiface applies specific shades from popular brands (including Inglot and Make Up For Ever) to your face. So if you’re in the market for a new red lipstick but there’s not a Sephora in sight, this is the app for you. When you’re done making yourself up, the products you’ve used are listed below your photo, which makes it beyond easy to shop your new look.

The verdict: In the end, these apps — which are all free in the app store — are an entertaining way to edit your pictures. And if you keep things subtle (like darker lashes or pinker cheeks), your friends definitely won’t catch you. But a strong word to the wise: NEVER, under any circumstances, use the pre-made looks. Because …

Perfect 365
Jillian Ruffo

Would you try these apps? Tell us below!

— Jillian Ruffo