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WATCH: Jessica Biel's Changing Style!

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[brightcoveplayer 1870940616]

Talk about a dramatic transformation! Over the years, Jessica Biel has evolved her look from laid-back to high glamour — and we’re taking you along through all her style changes. Though the star was recently seen seamlessly dressed at Fashion Weekspotted with her main beau Justin Timberlake—there was a time when she was far from the cover girl she is today. The buff beauty’s journey begins in 1998 when she convincingly played a basketball jock on Seventh Heaven on —and off—the court. Admittedly, the young Biel said, “I usually don’t wear gowns,” opting for comfortable jeans and t-shirts. But after a few years of dabbling with her feminine side, experimenting with high fashion gowns, that quickly changed. Today, Jessica has perfected the art of effortlessly donning creations by the likes of YSL, Prada, and Atelier Versace, making her one of Hollywood’s hottest-dressed stars! Tell us: What do you think of Jessica’s transformation?-–David Yi