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WATCH: How to Pack Like a Fashion Editor

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The best part about vacation is going on it. The worst is packing is packing for it! (The whole process of putting actual items in an actual suitcase is stressful — like why are there are actual weight limits to what you can bring?!) The easy solution: Travel light. But how do you do that when your trip includes a variety of events and dress codes? Ah, we were wondering the same thing, which is why we came up with five easy tips for super-smart packing for our “Life-Changing Tips” video series.

We’ll break ’em down here:

1. Pick a Color Scheme
First things first — consider what you’re taking with you. Getting multiple wears out of the same items is amazing, but not when you look like you’re wearing the same outfits over and over again. Picking a color scheme for your trip will help prevent overpacking. If you pick items you can mix and match, everything will go together and you’ll create a much larger wardrobe with fewer pieces.

2. Put Your Heavy Items at the Bottom
This may sounds simple, but it’s a major lifesaver. Packing your shoes, makeup bags and anything else that’s a little heavier at the bottom will prevent the items below them from being crushed when your suitcase is upright.

How to Pack Video

3. If It Will Wrinkle, Roll It
Rolling items helps keep them wrinkle-free. The secret: Don’t fold the item first. Instead, loosely roll each piece to keep sensitive fabrics crease-free and create more space in your suitcase — it’s a win-win!

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4. Pack Around Your Hat
To make sure your hat doesn’t get crushed, use your clothes as padding. Pack a light layer at the bottom, then insert your hat upside down and pack your rolled items around it. That way, it won’t move during your travel and your hat stays protected.

5. Use Saran Wrap to Pack Jewelry
If your necklaces always end up tangled or your bracelets and earrings end up scratched, try the DIY method of using saran wrap as a makeshift jewelry case. Start with a layer of saran wrap. Then, place your necklaces on it, leaving an inch between each (the ends should hang an inch or two off the saran wrap). Add a layer on top and press the pieces of saran wrap together. Make sure that you press the two pieces tightly together. Then, fold the pieces of saran wrap so that necklaces won’t move — this will keep everything protected, separate and in place. Plus, it’s extremely lightweight, making it easy to pack in small spaces, like your clutch.

Watch the video above to see more. And tell us in the comments: What’s your packing secret?

— Sarah Ball