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Want to Shop the Pretty Little Liars Wardrobe Closet? Costume Designer Mandi Line Has Your Back

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Gregory Metcalf

We already revealed some exclusive outtakes from Lucy Hale’s February cover interview. Now, we have some inside scoop on the Pretty Little Liars-inspired collection for Aeropostale, created by the show’s costume designer Mandi Line!

And if you’re pining over the clothes you see on Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily each week on the hit ABC Family show, then you’ll be very interested in Line’s Aeropostale collection inspired by what the characters wear on the show. The best part: It won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve Instagrammed or Tweeted a piece that I’m going to use on one of the characters on the show and fans of the show are just yearning for it,” she tells PEOPLE. “They want to know where to buy it right then! And sometimes it’s at a store they don’t have or a price point that’s just not affordable.”

She addressed that by pairing up with Aeropostale, and keeping the price points low ($18 to $72). “This way, the fans are going to get something they see on the show and on one of the characters for, like, $40!” she says. “And I also want the fans to be able to have the creative freedom that the girls have on the show. I want the shoppers to be able to mix and match pieces and really get their creative juices flowing. I want these clothes to have the voices of these characters and to give the fans a chance to wear what Aria wears.”

Mandi Line Pretty Little Liars
Gregory Metcalf</p

So far on Aeropostale’s website, Aria’s collection is a favorite with fans. The look features an edgy faux leather jacket, black fit-and-flare skirt and striped top to match Lucy Hale’s character’s “50 percent rock ‘n’ roll and 50 percent beauty queen” personality.

In general, when Line is styling Hale on the show, she likes to mix things up. “The good thing about Aria is she surprises you in every episode with her fashion — you are never going to be able to predict her. You are going to see some edge, like skull prints and embellishments. It’s diverse enough and there is black everything, but it’s consistent with her … risky, edgy and fun [style]!”

For more on Line’s collaboration with Aeropostale, pick up the February issue. And tell us, which character’s style do you like the best?

–Brittany Talarico