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Victoria Beckham Talks L.A. Style, $2,000 Dresses and Gossip Girl with Elle

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Tom Munro/Courtesy of Elle Magazine

Though Victoria Beckham has become a Hollywood staple since moving from England several years ago, there are some things about Tinsletown that still baffle the Brit. “I find it odd that people will go to a nice restaurant or to [the] theater in jeans and T-shirts,” the Elle cover girl dishes to the magazine. “You know, it’s great, David loves it. But it’s very different to my personal style.” And while L.A.’s laid back look work for her hunky husband, Victoria is not about to become a surfer girl. “I haven’t changed the way that I dress at all, which is probably why people stare a lot.” Victoria might not have morphed into a typical Hollywood celebrity, but that, she says, is what keeps people interested. “There are celebrities who always look great, always look pretty, but it’s always the same hair, the same makeup, and I find that quite boring. I want to change it up, do something really creative. I think that might be why women like me.” Turns out, women really do like Victoria’s style as stores can barely keep up with the demand for her designs, despite the high prices. “Would I think twice about buying a dress that costs $2,000? Yeah! Of course I would. I’d try it on and go home and think about it before I bought it,” defends Posh. She might not be ready to change into jeans, but Victoria is definitely embracing something else very American– prime time television! While David was away for six months playing soccer in Milan, Victoria indulged in some of our favorite shows. “I’ve done Nip/Tuck, Brothers & Sisters, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice. Then I got into Gossip Girl. I’m beyond obsessed with that show,” Victoria admits. Gossip Girl and Victoria Beckham — now that’s a fashion match made in heaven. Producers, are you listening? Pick up Elle on newsstands or visit to hear more from Victoria.


Tom Munro/Courtesy of Elle Magazine

Tom Munro/Courtesy of Elle Magazine