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Vanessa Hudgens Dyes Her Hair to Match Fall's Changing Leaves ... Obviously

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Courtesy Vanessa Hudgens

We’re familiar with the concept of dying one’s hair to match the seasons — going blonder in summer and darker in winter, for instance. But dying one’s hair to match the changing fall foliage? Leave it to Vanessa Hudgens to introduce us to a completely new concept.

“Autumn hair 😉 thanks to @hellobeautifulsalonnyc and @hollystyls,” the actress wrote as she posted a pic of her new hue(s) to Instagram. And lest you think that the changing red, gold and chestnut colors are just a result of some tricky filtering, the salon shared its own pic of the star — and it’s definitely a bold new look for her.

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We’re used to ombré locks by now, but this takes it to an advanced level. Hudgens’s ends are a bright golden yellow, fading into a stripe of russet red that’s woven into her natural brown hair. The star is no stranger to out-there hair, which definitely gives her some extra points in the “is she pulling this off?” column. But what we’ve got to know is, what do you think of her leaf-inspired locks?

–Alex Apatoff