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Valerie Bertinelli Reveals the Secrets Behind Her Bikini Body Fitness Routine

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On Rachael Ray today, Valerie Bertinelli and her trainer Christopher Ross Lane reveal how the star got her amazing bikini-body at 49 years old. The best news is you can follow her routine at home — just like Valerie. “He came up with a program that was so simple. Not easy, but simple,” said the Jenny Craig spokesmodel, who just released an exercise video called Losing It and Keeping Fit. “It still takes a lot to do, but we need to tell everybody, because anybody can do this. We did it in my living room.” Lane stresses that Valerie’s workout routine was really “back to basics,” adding that he had the star doing “step ups on the coffee table.” “Your body is your own best tool!” the star trainer said. “You don’t need to have weights, you don’t need fancy equipment. You can just do a lot of squats.” Valerie even surprised herself—by learning to like running. “He said he’s going to make her a runner, and I was like ‘yeah right.’ The first twenty minutes I hate, I hate!” says Bertinelli, who lost 40 pounds on Jenny Craig. “And then once the endorphins kick in, it’s OK … and he had me running a half marathon.” See the full episode on today’s Rachael Ray.—Kristin Larson