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Valentine's Day Gift Guide: What Our Editors Are Giving The Guys (and Girls!) They Love

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Valentine’s Day tends to be a tricky holiday to navigate, whether you’re shopping for a new boyfriend (what says “Serious but not too serious?”), a longterm love (“Wow, socks again?”) or just your BFF (how do you shop for the girl who has everything?). While we’d be just as happy to return to the days when everyone got a Snoopy Valentine and a mini bag of M&Ms, we’re not sure how that would fly with the main men and ladies in our lives. So we rounded up a list of the presents we’re planning to give to our fiancé, sister, new boo and more. Read on, and tell us your best Valentine’s Day gift ideas in the comments!

Nike sneakers
Courtesy Nike

Brittany Talarico, Associate Style Editor: My fiancé’s New Year’s resolution was to amp up his running routine. (Original, I know.) Basically, he wanted an excuse to buy these sneakers, but he didn’t really want to splurge the money on himself.

We recently got engaged, so I decided to buy the $225 neon Nikes ad a Valentine’s Day-slash-engagement gift. And every time we go to the gym together, I’m going to pat myself on the back.

Minnie and Emma stationery
Courtesy Andrea Lavinthal

Andrea Lavinthal, Style and Beauty Director: Like cashmere socks and gourmet hot chocolate mix, fancy stationery is one of those things you don’t usually splurge on for yourself. That’s why I like to give it to my best girlfriends and coworkers as a gift.

Minnie & Emma makes the absolute best personalized note cards. The design options and color combos are endless and the paper stock is so insanely thick that I actually get excited to write a thank you note. (These are the ones I’m using right now!) The only downside is that the cards are pricey, so it’s tempting to save them for those who are truly “note worthy.”

Owen and Fred bag
Courtesy Owen and Fred

Zoë Ruderman, Senior Style Editor: Part of what makes my boyfriend Kris and me so compatible is that we both love to travel. In the nearly seven years we’ve been dating, we’ve probably gone on over 20 trips together — Israel, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Greece, France, Uruguay, Hawaii, even New Jersey once — and next on our list is Croatia.

So I’m giving him this Lonely Planet guide to jumpstart the trip planning. And because the book is kind of a gift for myself too, I’m throwing in a bonus present: a toiletries kit from Owen & Fred with a Valentine’s-appropriate message on the inside that’s roomy enough to store the overflow of products I travel with. (Whoops, that’s two kinda-for-myself gifts. Well, isn’t Valentine’s Day for the ladies anyway?)

Modern Citizen necklace
Courtesy Modern Citizen

Alex Apatoff, Style News Editor: My husband already knows I love him — I get to tell him to his face every day (usually after I say something like “Can you please go find us bagels?”). Instead of doing couples gifts, I prefer to use Valentine’s Day as a way to send a big pretend hug through the mail to people I love but am far away from, like my little sister in Chicago.

I recently discovered this cool site, Modern Citizen, that has my sister’s name written all over it: It’s chock-full of stylish (and, more importantly for a recent grad, affordable) clothes and jewelry that I know she’d like. She mentioned recently that she was hoping for some more delicate necklaces, so I’ve got my eye on this pretty compass pendant that she can wear to work or layered with other pieces. And for $39, I may get one for myself too.

Courtesy Corkcicle

Whitney Little, Associate Producer: My boyfriend and I have only been dating for a few months, so Valentine’s Day is a little tricky to navigate (there’s a fine line between “romantic” and “whoa overboard, time to panic”). Luckily, I’ve had his gift in mind for a while now: the Chillsner by Corksicle.

We stumbled upon this during a day of wandering around the city, and he was so in love with the product he spent a solid five minutes checking out the packaging and taking photos with his phone. Why he didn’t go ahead and buy it immediately, I will never know, but I’m happy to be able to give this to him (and earn some girlfriend points for thoughtfulness) come Feb. 14.

What’s your go-to Valentine’s Day gift? Who’s on your list this year? Tell us in the comments!