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Trend Worth Trying: Side-Slung Bags

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Photo: HotShots Worldwide/Splash News

All those heavy shoulder bags that we’ve been lugging around have definitely done some damage to our backs! The side-slung bag is not only more comfortable than lugging around a heavy tote, but you still have easy access to everything inside of it. And they are a lot more grown-up than the messenger bags of the past — even stars like Jessica Simpson, Penelope Cruz and Cameron Diaz have been making the switch over. Why shouldn’t you? Here are some of our favorites at every budget:

Rachel Nasvik’s stylish “Cassidy” messenger Bag, $495; at

Hayden-Harnett equestrian style crossbody bag, $325; at

Tano’s adjustable front pocket bag, $124 at

Liz Claiborne’s roomy messenger bag, $79; at

CL by Laundry oversized “Frenzy” bag, $42; at

Suey Boutique colorful, python-printed bag, $38; at